Sunday, January 4, 2015


Join this unique Dungeon crawl adventure game that was designed to pay the players. Never invest a cent and you can still withdraw. Crawl dungeons, upgrade and level, sell items and compete in contests for prizes(lots of gaming prizes). The adventures lasts one month. Adventure's begin the first day of each month at midnight and finishes the last day of each month at midnight. When the reset happens, All gold, items, levels are reset. The two exceptions being your DT$(which build up each month until you have $10 minimum withdraw amount) and your Star Points(earned or bought they are used for entering bonus contents or buying extra dungeons).

The gold you earned each month is converted into DT$. Usually @ the rate of 15-35cents per 100K gold. It varies each month based on total site income and the amount of gold earned by all players. As such it takes a day or few to calculate. So the DT$ show up in your account sometime in the first week of each month.

I've been earning with this site since 2009 and it continue to play it in 2015. The amount you earn on a regular basis is not a get rich quick thing. You play a game,  no ad intrusions, it doesn't try to force to upgrade or make mini purchases all day. You get one free dungeon per day that you're not even forced to do that day, you can log in last day of each month and play all 30ish you have then if you want.

The biggest drawback of the site is that it's ran by one guy who's second language is English, so some of the wording on the site isn't always the easiest to read and understand.

On this blog guide for the adventure game that's designed to pay the players I have pages for advice on crawling a dungeon. Tips on your first few days. How to navigate the main sidebar. Along with some explanations and tips on competing in the free contests to win gold, gaming prizes and paypal funds.