First few days guide

First thing to do in game is contact me for a free weapon and potion of learning +2. If you're unsure how to do so, please leave a comment here on this blog. Feel free to do contact me in any other game for stuff here.
Or goto the shops/players market and see what you can find for a weapon with the 500gold you start with.

  1. My Equipment page to equip the weapon. Three weapon slots in the top right you can equip first two are for swords and third is for daggers only. Put weapon on and it's auto saved.
  2. Temple Visit once EVERY day for a chance at free gold, more praying days in a row, the higher the gold reward.
  3. Tavern to find your daily dungeon. Explore it and kill everything inside. Make sure to read the page on crawling dungeons for more info.
  4. My character to spend progression points you earned while leveling(3 per level). Always max Attack then Defense skill. Put one point in all 4 of your attack magic skills so you can use magic in a pinch when your weapons break. Then focus on magic defense skills. Maybe maxing attack magic for one type.
  5. Chests room.You probably found a key or few in the dungeon after killing a monster. Use it here to open a chest and get free gold.

Few things to check out on your first day.
  1. Contests section has lots of free to enter and play events with various rewards including gold, star points, PC games and Paypal prizes . The contests usually last 1 week or a month. So make sure to check the section on a regular basis
  2. Players Market for new weapons and occasional cheaper potions of learning+2.
  3. My referrals section. It's 3 levels deep, meaning you make extra gold for the people you refer, the people they refer and even the people that those people refer. Great game to promote for your personal earnings and to promote the idea of games designed to pay the players!

Some personal tips and notes about the game Dungeons and Treasures.
  1. Make sure to sell all your weapons and armor to the shops last day of month, as the game only converts the gold you have into DT$. Potions can't be sold to the shops, only players market so try to sell what you can last week of the month there. Use all your keys in the Chests Room.
  2. Temple every day even if you don't play much, it's less then 10seconds a day and it's free money!
  3. Use the "A" hotkey in fights with # key next for the weapon. it's much quicker then clicking.
  4. Use the arrow keys for movement in dungeons, when backtracking, don't wait for the screen to load, press the movement keys quickly and save time.
  5. Potions last 1hour real time, you can usually do 3-4 Dungeons in that time. 
  6. Potions have a small chance to fail and have no effect at all. Maybe 1 in 20? Double check after attempting to use a potion.
  7. Wait until you're in the middle of your first fight before you click on that potion of learning to maximize time with it on.
  8. Contests and Bonus section change often and offer some really solid rewards. Check them often.

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