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               YOU SECTION(note:area's I skipped explanation but shown on pic are not always there)
-My Dungeons to check past explorations or go back and visit them, nothing new will be there. But if you left a treasure chest not opened, you can goto players market and buy the correct key, then revisit dungeon here . This is NOT where you find new dungeons, goto the Tavern under the Place section.
-My character is where you spend progression points you earn 3 per level.
-My equipment, make sure to equip weapons after buying them.
-My account to view past months adventures, request cash out and transfer star points.
-Payment screen if you wish to fund your account via paypal or check in mail.
-Sponsorship to get your referral link and banners to promote the site.
-My referrals to see everyone whos been active this month, and link in there to see everyone who's in your referral tree. Three levels deep!
-My Rank is increased by buying DT codes, and improves your gold conversion rate at the end of the month,buy only for that month.
-Fidelity points are given the month after you buy DT codes and can be used for 1 of 4 options. I recommend the dungeons and gold option. Note the points expire after 10weeks.
-Bonus an area to use star points.
-Buy DT codes @ cost of 1$ per. Note you CAN USE the DT$ you have. Each code gives you bonus towards your rank and 4 start points.

-Shops Weapon and Armor shop are refreshed every hour. Weapons, you can equip two swords and one dagger. They do break and the weapons shop is where you fix them. Recommend a sword and dagger of at least +10. Armor is not needed until level 30+ and is plentiful in dungeons anyways, so don't waste money buying armor. Potions-buy potion of learning +2(highest XP+ potion there is) other type of potions you'll find plenty of laying around in dungeons. Once you have the money, Lockpick +10 located @ bottom of the Magic shops screen is a good investment to help open Treasure chests you find in Dungeons.
-Markets Player market to buy and sell weapons/keys and potions. Dungeon market there as well, but it's rare to see anything listed, and if it so it's level 90+ stuff.
-Tavern 1 new free dungeon per day, they add up until end of month. No maximum storage amount so you can do them all last couple days of the month if you so choose.
-Temple Make sure to visit this EVERY DAY one time to pray. Every 2-4 days it'll give you a chunk of gold. Takes all of 10 seconds. More visits in a row, higher gold amounts.
-Chests Room while exploring dungeons you will find Iron, Bronze, Silver and Gold keys. Use them here to unlock treasure chest for free gold.

This section changes often, and is where you can join in contests and mini games for gold, star points and occasional gaming related prizes(like games for your PC, Gameboy systems in the mail or you choose to get equivalent of prize in paypal). There is a few contests that happen often see the contests page for more info on those.

There is where a variety of games are offered that require a Star Point or Gold Risk. Some have a Progressive jackpot for both Gold and DT$, so it's worth checking them on occasion and maybe trying your luck. Explore freely, but use sparingly.

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