Contests explanations and tips

The contests section changes on regular basis. With most contest lasting 1 week or 1 month. The rewards vary with each different contest. So make sure to check what you are competing for. Most of them are 100% free to enter and compete for prizes. But the few that do charge usually 1,000gold are very much worth it. (note this is the Contests only section, the Bonus section games all have entry fee and are not always worth it).

This is the always happening Referral contest. Lasts one week. It only counts your first level referrals. You need 500gold earned via them to qualify for the contest. If you finish top 5 one week, you are excluded the following the week.

Another one that's always happening is DT code contest. Last one month. For every DT Code purchased you win a ticket to use for the contest. Each ticket allows you to earn from 100 to 10,000 points.

Bow and Ballons or Bow and Castle game happen on a Regular basis. You get two games per day. They don't stack up, so have to play each day. It's a skill mini game where you try to fire a bow at the moving targets for various point amounts. Highest scores at the end of the contest Star Points and Gold.

Few personal tips
  1. The training games for Bows are not really like the contest game. try it once, but don't focus on getting the good in the training part.
  2. Contest Clicks costs 1,000 gold to enter. The flashing things on the screen are for that game. Click on them to reveal part of the contest, then goto the contest page to spend the stuff you earned for the contest. 
  3. Some contests are broken up into different sections of the contest, always make sure to check the dates you are competing in and use all the contests "plays" during the period.

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