Crawling a Dungeon

Exploring is pretty straightforward. Takes 10-25minutes depending on randomness and your weapons/ability. The dungeon level is determined by your characters level when you first enter the dungeon. So always make sure you completed previous dungeons for max level before entering a new one.
Movement options are always showed on screen. Click the mini map in bottom right corner to bring up large view of what you've explored so far. There are certain doors that require a special dungeon key found somewhere in the dungeon(often after killing a monster). ALL doors can be opened/have a key to them in that dungeon. Occasional "Gates"will appear in dungeons, with torch(s) on the wall. Click torch(s) to open gates.
Wounds on left hand side you get 5 per life with the 6th one killing you and taking 1 of 3 lifes you get each day. When you die the ONLY thing that happens, is you are sent to start of dungeon, you don't lose any XP, gold or exploration info on dungeon.

The stats window shown is for that particular dungeon only. This is also where any active potions will be shown. They all last one hour and are shown and progress in real time even if not on site.
Equipment is a list of all the potion you have. Click at any time in dungeons, even mid fight. Doing so mid fight will not cost you anything, the enemy doesn't get a free swing.

When you're done with the dungeon or you've broken your weapons and need to go repair them click on the "back to entrance" button on bottom left. It costs nothing and has unlimited uses.

You can use the arrow keys to move around in dungeons.
In a fight with a monster click the "A" button to signal attack, then 1,2,3 etc for whatever attack you want to make.I personally find moving with mouse and using left hand for quick battle equals fastest time for me.

Here is a picture of a completed dungeon. The faces are dead monsters(if they were alive they'd show up as red faces). The brown things are doors I had to unlock. Dungeons are random size and shape.

In combat the options are attack, dodge and run. There is also the option to "net" the monster and capture it for bonus gold. But until you are max level, this is not wise when you net the monster you get no XP. In the top left of this window is the creature type(some weapons and armor have bonuses vs certain types). Along with the creatures relative strength(strong,medium or weak). The creatures health will update after every round of battle, and there are a lot of different descriptions for it.

Bottom line, always attack with your strongest weapon vs any creature. Dodge and running is useless. It's a kill things to get them out of your way game!

Occasionally there is stacks of Treasure Chests, gold, potions, spell books, weapons, armor or keys laying around on the ground in the dungeon. Click them to pick them up, if it's a wearable item it'll ask if you the item equipped or in your stock.
                   On the right of the U-turn movement option below you can see a Blue potion.
                     To the left of the U-turn movement option you can see a Trap. Don't Click!
There is also "grayed" out little stacks about the size of the gold stacks, these are booby traps. Clicking them only inflicts 1 point of damage and results in nothing else. So learn to avoid those.

Treasure Chests laying on ground open up a new window when clicked. Always "Inspect" in top right first. You may have picked up the right number # it takes to unlock already. If inspect fails, you can still try all the numbered keys you have to unlock it and maybe get lucky. You can buy LockPicks in the Shops-Magic shops section @ the very bottom of the screen. +10 being the best type. But usually limited in stock. It's a good idea to carry a few around at a time.

Block the lock means no key will work, but you can still force it open with weapons and spells.
Forcing the lock can break your weapon and possible hurt you for 1 point of damage. Be careful.
It's usually less then 100gold per key in the player market. Meaning it's far better gold wise to just back to entrance and go buy key then come back and open. Most weapons cost a few hundred or thousand plus gold to repair, so forcing locks with weapons is not wise.

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